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Wrigley the Puggle from Boston, MA USA
Male Fawn Puggle born on 12/5/2006
Puggle Bio 

About Me:
My name is Wrigley and I was born in Oklahoma. I was adopted by my parents who live in Boston on January 30th. Boston is cold but my mommy dresses me warm. I like running very fast and diving under couches. I am very smart and like to keep my parents guessing what I will do next. My favorite thing to do is play ball and swim in the ocean. I like to fly in airplanes and go see my uncle Zorro (rottweiler) in Chicago or go hiking in Arizona. If anyone wants to meet up to play contact my daddy at

I am 14 inches tall and weigh 18 lbs.

My mom is a beagle and my dad is a pug.

I am a 1st generation puggle.

Wriggy, Wriggles (grandpa)

Ball, Food, Hiking, Swimming, Running, Hunting

Children, Homeless, Aggressive Dogs,

Best Trick:
High-Five, Left/Right Paw, Sit on my butt, roll over, bang-bang...steal daddy

Favorite Food:
Homemade Beef,Rice, and Carrot

Favorite Treat:
Dried Duck and Rice nugget

Favorite Toy:

Favorite Place To Sleep:
Under the covers and between our legs on our bed

Favorite Place To Play:
In the water

Favorite Place To Walk:
Everywhere..esp. if we are in route to my favorite ball park.

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