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Rawlings the Puggle from Mableton, GA USA
Male Fawn Puggle born on 1/11/2008
Puggle Bio 

About Me:
I am an attention craving antisocial puggle! I want everyone in the same room as me but I don't want them to touch me unless I want to play or cuddle!!! I enjoy play dates and car rides but my favorite thing is Doggie Day Care! I will do anything mom tells me to do if I know that she's about to take me!!! I also have a bit of a swallowing complex. I have swallowed socks, swiffers and may paper products. Mom and dad are REALLY careful, but some how I manage to get my paws on these things when they aren't looking! My mom says that she doesn't know what she would do without me (which I know is true b/c she spoils me rotten!!!)

I weigh 30 lbs.

My mom is a pug and my dad is a beagle.

I am a 1st generation puggle.

Booger, Crackhead

Car rides, doggie day care and anything made out of paper

Best Trick:
Sit, High-five and Belly

Favorite Food:
Green Beans

Favorite Treat:
Doggie B-day cake

Favorite Toy:
All of them (I take every single toy out of the basket each day).

Favorite Place To Sleep:
With mom!!!

Favorite Place To Play:
Doggie Day Care

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